Although both traditional LASIK and wavefront LASIK can significantly improve vision, wavefront offers unique benefits that make it an excellent option to consider. Perhaps most notably, wavefront LASIK can actually correct the higher-order aberrations (HOAs) that result in glare, halos, and compromised night vision. Dr. Francis Clark and our team of qualified surgeons believe in making each patient an active participant in their own care by providing thorough education. We will take all the time necessary to explain your LASIK options so you can choose the best treatment for your goals and needs. To learn more about the benefits of wavefront LASIK, please contact our Philadelphia, PA, practice today and schedule a consultation.

While traditional LASIK corrects in increments of 0.25 diopters, wavefront LASIK can correct in increments of 0.01 diopters.

Customized Correction

Traditional LASIK treats patients based on their glasses or contact lens prescription. In essence, the procedure is designed to refine the cornea so that it provides the same level of correction as the patient's glasses or contacts, which was prescribed specifically to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. However, it is important to understand that glasses prescriptions are not custom - instead, there are many "stock" levels of correction, and patients are matched to the level that provides the clearest vision. As a result, neither corrective eyewear nor traditional LASIK can address the minute irregularities that cause HOAs. Meanwhile, the development of HOAs following traditional LASIK is fairly common.

Wavefront LASIK, on the other hand, uses a special device called an aberrometer to create a detailed topographic map of the corneal surface that reveals all irregularities. Wavefront makes it possible to correct these irregularities so that patients can experience improved focus, as well as vision free of glare and halos.

custom lasik

Greater Likelihood of 20/20 Vision

While traditional LASIK corrects in increments of 0.25 diopters, wavefront LASIK can correct in increments of 0.01 diopters. Meanwhile, wavefront LASIK involves measuring the necessary amount of correction with a computer, rather than relying on a patient to read an eye chart. As a result, wavefront LASIK patients have a higher likelihood of achieving 20/20 vision or better without corrective eyewear following treatment.

Better Revision Treatment

Wavefront LASIK not only provides life-changing benefits for first-time refractive surgery patients, but also those who have undergone LASIK in the past. LASIK patients can experienced a decrease in the quality of their vision over time, or may feel dissatisfied with the results of an initial procedure. The precise corneal measurements taken during wavefront LASIK make it possible for LASIK patients to achieve or restore 20/20 vision or better, and to eliminate glare, halos, or compromised night vision that either occurred naturally or as a result of a previous surgery.

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Your vision is a priceless asset, and we are proud to offer the latest treatments to help you view your world in the best possible clarity. To learn more about wavefront LASIK benefits and how they can improve your quality of life, please contact us today.

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