Finding Relief
with Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eyes is a common condition in which the body cannot produce sufficient lubrication for the eyes due to either a lack in quantity or quality of tears. Living with dry, itchy, or burning eyes can be frustrating, especially if the condition becomes chronic.

Fortunately, there are a number of dry eye treatments available at our offices in Montgomery, Bucks, and Northampton Counties, PA. After a thorough eye examination, the doctors at Ophthalmology Physicians and Surgeons can recommend the one that best suits your needs.

Common Dry Eye Treatments

Which treatment is most effective will depend on the underlying cause of your condition. While some options manage symptoms, others actively work to improve the quality of your tears.

Artificial Tears

One of the most common treatments, this synthetic lubricant reduces the burning, stinging, and itchy sensations that accompany dry eye syndrome. These eye drops are available over-the-counter and can be used any time symptoms occur. However, artificial tears should not be confused with redness relieving drops, which are not intended to lubricate the eyes.

A man takes his glasses off to rub his eyes. Focus is on glasses.
Dry eyes are not only irritating, but can also affect your vision. 


Prescription Eye Drops

If store-bought artificial tears do not alleviate your symptoms, prescription drops may help. The most common types include:

  • Restasis® and Xiidra®: This option is designed for patients who are unable to produce quality tears.
  • BioTears: This nutrient supplement encourages your body’s natural ability to produce tears and reduces inflammation in the eyes.
  • Steroid eye drops: If inflammation contributes to your dry eyes, steroid drops may help stimulate tear production.

Our doctors can recommend the most appropriate prescription.

Punctal Plugs

If eye drops do not improve your symptoms, more extreme options like punctal plugs may be necessary. Made from collagen or silicone, these plugs are inserted into the drain openings of the eyelids to prevent moisture from leaking out too quickly.

Depending on your specific needs, this nonsurgical treatment may be temporary or permanent. Regardless of which option is more appropriate for you, though, punctal plugs are comfortable and virtually undetectable once placed.

Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes

There are a few things you can do at home to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes, including:

  • Resting your eyes often: This is especially important if you work in front of a computer all day. Briefly looking away and reminding yourself to blink are effective exercises for keeping your eyes moist and hydrated.
  • Artificial tears: Instill artificial tears before, during, and after extended near work. 
  • Staying hydrated: Many cases of dry eyes are due to lack of water. Drinking at least eight to 10 glasses of water daily allows the eyes to produce enough lubrication to keep you comfortable.
  • Wearing sunglasses: Exposure to outside elements such as dust, wind, or sun can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.
  • Staying away from direct airflow: Avoid direct exposure to devices that change airflow, such as fans and air conditioning vents.

Although these at-home tips may not be able to completely eliminate dry eye, they can alleviate some of the more severe effects.

Eliminate Dry Eyes

If you are suffering from burning or itching eyes, dry eye treatment may be the answer. To explore your treatment options, contact us online or call us at (215) 672-4300 and schedule an appointment.

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