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Wavefront LASIK


Customize your vision correction with Wavefront LASIK

In recent years LASIK technology has improved significantly, making it possible to treat previously undetectable conditions of the eye. Wavefront LASIK, performed at our Philadelphia area locations, is one of the most advanced forms of laser vision correction surgery. Treatment is designed using the exact characteristics of your eyes, which individualizes the entire procedure.Wavefront LASIK allows for greater precision and more accurate results. Using this breakthrough technology, Dr. Francis Clark and our team of surgeons are able to treat many more types of visual errors with greater precision than ever before. To find out more about how this exciting procedure can help you or make an appointment for an evaluation with one of our doctors, please contact our office.

How Wavefront LASIK Works

Also known as wavefront-guided LASIK or custom LASIK, each wavefront LASIK vision correction procedure is custom-designed based on the unique specifications of your eyes. Prior to your surgery, your eyes will be measured using an aberrometry device, which uses a laser to take very precise measurements and create a 3D image of each eye. This is accomplished by transmitting a ray of light into the eye, which is reflected back out through the pupil. The reflected light creates a pattern that is read and analyzed by the laser. These measurements not only assess the physical structure of your eye, but also analyze its ability to focus light onto the retina by recording tiny imperfections in the cornea. Using all of this information, a map is created to guide the laser during surgery, allowing for very specific refinements to be made to improve your vision.

A Closer Look at Vision Problems

Lower-order aberrations refer to refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These conditions can affect how much you see, or the quantity of your vision, and traditional LASIK procedures have been very successful in treating them. Higher-order aberrations are non-refractive optical defects that can affect how well you see and cause visual problems such as shadows, halos, glare, decreased contrast sensitivity, or diminished night vision. These conditions can affect how well you see, or the quality of your vision. Until wavefront technology, no methods existed to measure or correct higher-order aberrations. Today, wavefront LASIK allows us to effectively treat both how much you see and how well you see it. 

Benefits of Wavefront Technology

Wavefront LASIK offers many benefits over other types of vision correction procedures. Thanks to its customization and precision, patients have a better chance of achieving 20/20 or better vision using this technique. Patients also have a reduced chance of losing contrast sensitivity or night vision, or developing disturbances like glare, halos, or shadows. Additionally, wavefront LASIK can be used to treat the eyes of patients that have had previous surgeries and are suffering from unwanted side effects.

Schedule a Consultation Today

By measuring and treating higher-order aberrations, wavefront LASIK offers a revolutionary breakthrough for the field of vision correction. To learn more about whether wavefront LASIK is right for you, as well as the costs associated with the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our office and schedule a consultationwith one of our surgeons today.