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Custom LASIK Candidates


Understanding the criteria that determine a good LASIK candidate

LASIK vision correction surgery has restored the vision of millions of patients and reduced or eliminated their dependency on glasses and contact lenses. During LASIK surgery, a specialized laser is used to gently reshape the cornea, allowing light to properly focus on the retina. If your vision prescription has remained stable for the past year, our physicians can conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether you would make good custom LASIK candidate. One of the doctors at our Philadelphia-area locations will be happy to answer any questions you have about the procedure and determine whether LASIK is right for you. Please contact our office today to make an appointment with one of our vision specialists.

Your LASIK Consultation

When you come in for your initial consultation at our office, one of our doctors will perform a thorough examination to determine your candidacy for LASIK surgery. Generally, good LASIK candidates will understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their treatment. Some basic requirements for candidacy include:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Stable vision for at least one year
  • No eye infections or injuries for at least one year
  • No history of auto-immune disorders
  • No history of herpes eye infections
  • No scarring of the cornea
  • Not suffering from dry eye syndrome
  • Not pregnant or nursing

At your appointment, your physician will discuss your medical history, current visual prescription, and any medications you may be taking. If you are taking a medicine that might affect the outcome of your procedure, the doctor may recommend that you discontinue it in the weeks leading up to your surgery. 

The Custom LASIK Procedure

LASIK can reduce your dependency on glasses and contacts, freeing you to do the things you love.

Once you have been approved for the procedure, we can schedule your customized LASIK surgery. Our office only performs blade-free IntraLase® procedures, which use a laser to create the corneal flap on your eye (as opposed to traditional LASIK which uses a blade). The IntraLase® system is extremely precise and reduces risk and patient discomfort.

We are also proud to offer wavefront technology, which customizes the procedure even further. During wavefront LASIK, an aberrometry device will be used to take precise measurements of your eye and create a 3-D map to guide the laser during your surgery. This allows us to make specific refinements and correct tiny imperfections in the cornea that were previously undetectable. 

Choosing the Right Physician

The most important decision that you will make regarding the success of your LASIK procedure is the doctor that you choose to perform the surgery. The team at Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, PC make our patients' comfort and safety their top priority. We operate out of the largest eye hospital in the country - the Wills Surgical Eye Center. This advanced facility is highly regarded for its innovative and comprehensive approach to care.

Learn More About Your Candidacy

If you have any questions about the LASIK procedure or would like to learn more about candidacy or costs, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.