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iStent Glaucoma Management


iStent for Glaucoma Treatment 

iStent for Managing Glaucoma

What is the iStent®?

The iStent® is a new generation medical device that has recently become available in the United States for use during cataract surgery in patients with glaucoma. It is part of the new movement toward minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS). The iStent is the smallest medical device approved by the FDA. At less than 1mm, the iStent is designed to reduce the challenges and risks of traditional glaucoma management. The iStent can’t be seen or felt when implanted in the eye. Despite its small size, the results of iStent can be life changing.

How does the iStent work?

The iStent is designed to be implanted in the natural drainage channel of the eye. The iStent helps fluid drain from the eye and reduce the intra-ocular pressure (IOP) of the eye. It also creates a permanent opening in the eye’s drainage system and works nonstop to improve the outflow of excess fluid from the eyes.

Will the iStent cure my glaucoma?

No, the iStent will not cure your glaucoma, nor will it reverse any damage already caused by glaucoma. However, it may prevent your glaucoma from getting worse.

Is the iStent suitable for everyone?

The iStent is not right for all patients and is not suitable for all types of glaucoma. Currently, the iStent is only used for patients suffering from mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma in conjunction with cataract surgery. When you make a consultation appointment with us, Dr. Clark or Dr. Peet will review your vision history and discuss if the iStent is right for you.

Will I still need to use my glaucoma eye drops?

Each patient is different, but the vast majority of glaucoma patients no longer need to use glaucoma eye drops or have greatly reduced their reliance on eye drops after having the iStent placed in the eye.

How do I know if the iStent is right for me?

iStent is a simple and effective device to manage glaucoma. If you have cataracts and you suffer from glaucoma, talk to our team of experienced Philadelphia eye doctors today.  We will set up a consultation appointment and discuss your personal vision. Both Dr. Clark and Dr. Peet are among the first iStent eye surgeons in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As experienced ophthalmologists, they perform hundreds of sight-saving procedures every year and have developed a reputation for excellence.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding glaucoma or would like more information on glaucoma, please contact our office to set up an evaluation. Our Philadelphia glaucoma eye doctors are here to help you with a proper diagnosis and then prepare a proper treatment protocol.

To schedule an appointment for a consultation, call Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons at 215-672-4300. We have several convenient locations in the Philadelphia area to serve all your eye care needs.