Symfony IOL


The Symfony IOL is a Better Multifocal Lens

At Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, PC in Philadelphia, PA, our team remains at the forefront of vision solutions for those who require cataract surgery. We are proud to offer the FDA-approved Tecnis Symfony® IOL (intraocular lens), a multifocal lens that stands out from others of its kind because it results in minimal glare and halos, and provides more comprehensive focus. While many multifocal lenses have "breaks" in focus power between distances, the Symphony IOL provides fluid focus. During your initial consultation, our doctors can help determine if this IOL is the right choice for you. If cost is a concern, we offer a variety of financing options to make treatment more affordable. Your vision is vital to your livelihood and we never want cost to keep you from achieving the results you need.

Why Symfony IOLs Stand apart

Traditional IOLs only restore either near or distance vision, but not both simultaneously. Symfony IOLs are able to restore focus at all distances at once. After the procedure, patients can enjoy extended depth-of-focus and see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances with little or no higher-order aberrations such as visual halos, starbursts, and nighttime dysphotopsia. Compared to traditional IOLs, patients who receive the Symfony IOL typically do not need glasses for reading or other tasks. These lenses also come in a toric version for patients with astigmatism.

Symfony IOLs can help you experience your world in incredible clarity after years of suffering with cataracts.

The Sympfony IOL is not the first multifocal IOL on the market, but it does represent a significant step forward in the capabilities of these devices. Healthy eyes free of cataracts and refractive errors can achieve close, intermediate, and distance focus without any "breaks" or significant distortion when changing focus. Most multifocal IOLs will result in some rough transitions between focus distances. The Symphony IOL, on the other hand, can help you to achieve more dependable ocular function. 

The Symfony IOL provides smooth transitions between focus distances.

Benefits of the Symfony IOL

In the short time that Symfony IOLs have been available, they have delivered a high patient satisfaction rate. Once you have fully recovered from cataract surgery, you can expect to experience many benefits, including:

  • High-quality vision at all distances
  • Reduced halos and glare 

  • Clear and uninterrupted day to night vision
  • An eliminated or greatly reduced need for prescription eyewear and contact lenses
  • Greater independence and confidence
  • Improved quality of life


Multifocal IOLs are an often life-changing treatment option for cataract sufferers, but unfortunately, insurance usually only covers the cost of monofocal IOLs. If you are interested in the Symfony IOL, but cannot pay out of pocket for any additional cost not covered by your insurance plan, we offer convenient financing options that can help you benefit from this treatment. During your consultation, our team can explain these options and help you choose the best way to budget for clear vision.

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Symfony IOLs can help you experience your world in incredible clarity after years of suffering with cataracts. To learn more, contact our office online today or call (215) 672-4300 to schedule your consultation.