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Get to Know… Philadelphia, PA Area Ophthalmologist, Jon Peet M.D.

Need an ophthalmologist in Philadelphia?

Jon Peet M.D., Philadelphia, PA Ophthalmologist

Dr. Jon Peet is a dedicated comprehensive ophthalmologist at Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons. He provides high quality, complete eye care to the Philadelphia, PA community. With a concentration in the medical and surgical treatment of eye conditions, such as glaucoma and cataracts, Dr. Peet offers very personalized eye care service to his patients.  He believes that one-on-one time with each patient is ideal as it gives him time to get to know you, your concerns about your eyes, and answer all your questions.

“It’s my goal to make sure you understand your diagnosis and all of your treatment options. I believe that it is essential to educate my patients so we can make treatment decisions together that are ultimately the best for their personal vision and lifestyle.”—Dr. Jon Peet

Dr. Peet has helped thousands of people in the Philadelphia area with eye care.  As an ophthalmologist, he believes excellence in performing all eye procedures is derived from both education and experience. 

“I strive to keep current on the latest techniques and standards so I can provide my patients with the safest treatments and procedures with the most optimal results.”—Dr. Jon Peet

If you need an ophthalmologist in the Philadelphia area, you can be confident knowing that Dr. Peet takes pride in providing the care you’ll need to keep your eyes healthy and your vision at its best.  You’ll often find him helping patients in both our Levittown and Blue Bell offices. Dr. Peet also provides basic medical retinal care to patients in Levitown.

About Jon Peet, M.D.

 He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he received an undergraduate degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Biotechnology. Dr. Peet received his medical degree from Temple University where he received the Lamport Biomedical Research Award and was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He was an intern at Lankenau Hospital and received his ophthalmology training at the Scheie Eye Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Peet has broad research interests ranging from ophthalmologic imaging to value-based medicine. His strong research background drives him to stay current with the latest treatments and provide excellent patient care.

If you’re in the Philadelphia, PA area, give us a call today to make an appointment with Dr. Jon Peet. 

Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, PC

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