Driving after LASIK

Safe and popular, LASIK surgery is an excellent way to reduce dependence on glasses and contacts. Tens of millions of LASIK patients around the world have been pleased by their outcomes. Dr. Francis J. Clark has helped countless people in the Philadelphia, PA area experience clear, crisp, high-quality vision thanks to modern laser vision correction technology.

While LASIK yields great results in a relatively short amount of time, you may need to avoid driving a vehicle until you have sufficiently recovered from the procedure. The team at Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, PC would like to go over some concerns when it comes to LASIK patients getting back behind the wheel.

Vision After LASIK Surgery

After you undergo LASIK surgery, you will likely notice improved vision quality almost immediately. However, your vision may also experience periods of blurriness. This is normal as your eyes are getting accustomed to the new contours of the corneas. Because of this, caution must be taken when it comes to performing certain tasks, most notably driving.

Can I Drive Home After Getting LASIK?


As a common sense safety precaution, it’s best for patients to have a loved one drive them home after LASIK has been performed. This ensure the patient is able to get home to rest without placing themself or others in danger.

Patients will also need a loved one to drive them to the practice for a follow-up the next day in order for the surgeon to monitor healing progress.

Night Vision Issues After LASIK

After LASIK, many, LASIK patients experience problems with contrast sensitivity during nighttime. It’s also common to experience halos, glare, and other night vision problems as part of the LASIK recovery process. This is normal, and takes a little bit of time.

Given these night vision issues, LASIK patients must take greater care when deciding to drive a vehicle during the night. Getting rides from friends and family at night, using mass transportation, or getting around using Lyft or Uber would be more prudent until the night vision issues have passed.

How Soon Can I Drive During the Day?

It could be as soon as the first follow-up visit the day after surgery.

If your LASIK surgeon checks your eyes and your vision is better, you can potentially drive back home after the appointment is over. This can vary from patient to patient. Even if you cannot drive home after the follow-up visit, you will likely be able to return to daytime driving after another day or so.

How Soon Can I Drive During the Night?

As far as driving at night is concerned, patients should be mindful of their own night vision quality. It may take a week or more before driving at night is a safe again. Be sure to discuss any night vision issues with your LASIK surgeon. They will be able to provide you with a time estimate regarding nighttime driving that fits your current situation.

Learn More About LASIK Recovery

For more information about recovering from LASIK and how you can achieve great results while remaining safe and healthy, be sure to contact our team of eye care surgeons and vision specialists. Ophthalmology Physicians & Surgeons, PC is here to help. You can reach our office in Trappe by phone at (610) 489-7440, our Blue Bell office at (610) 272-1211, our Spring House office at (215) 542-1522, our Hatboro office at (215) 672-4300, our Bethlehem office at (610) 868-0130, and our Levittown office at (215) 547-1818.

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